Sunday, 4 December 2011

Hi guys,

How are you? Finally into the final 4 months of college life. No big tensions other than the tension of which college i ll get admissions next year. Today i was just rewinding the past 2 and a half years of college life. I studied a lot maybe its better to say that i learnt a lot. The college life moulded me to face any kind of situation. Thanks to my mates.

I think the college is going to end without unlocking a mystery that made me separate from the rest of the class. It all started from an E-mail which I dono whether it was just a cooked up story or so but as usual I was the victim of that mysterious event. The funny part of it was that that was the time when i didn even know the names of my classmates (even now i dont know properly about most of my classmates).

Only after some days (some months would be better to say), I came to know the mastermind and the helping hands behind it. I wanted to take revenge against them but then what is the difference between us. I had mentioned about this two posts before. The only person to whom I should say thanks as i mentioned before is Mr. Vineet Nahata without whom (sometimes) I dono what would have been my situation.

I dont know that how many of my classmates still think that I am the victim. Whatever they think, I know who I am.

Friday, 1 April 2011

It was yet another day as usual with lots of fun.

We went for a movie which was not so FALTU movie as the name suggests. My classmates along with their friends were all set for a movie after a short span of time. I was not interested in going for an out as i was broke, but after thinking that this will be lats outing with my friends this year, i counted the balace cash in my pocket and went for the movie. The movie was for the cash paid. It didnt disappoint as we thought.

After the movie everyone went their own way with smiles while two of my friends waiting the whole afternoon in front of the theatre as they were not allowed to enter due to latecoming.

After all, I had a cheerful evening with my friends eventhough i had tension of the exams coming next week

Thursday, 31 March 2011

29th of March, a very happy day for the Indians as India thrashed Pakistan to enter into the finals of the ICC CWC 2011. Congratulations to Indian Team and hope they take the coveted trophy for the God of cricket and for the billions of cricket fans across the nation..

So another day has passed in my college life and the second year of my college life is coming to and end.. It was a smooth year as compared to my first year as der was no much downs in the year, me personally crossing many milestones with brave guts.. When i say this year was smoother as compared to the first year, u may ask vat happened in the first year.

It was a smooth year in the beginning. Bt as the first year came to its end everything started to turn the other way round... It all started with our Hindi sir, a well respected sir in our college. He used to praise me all the times for my sincerity and responsibility and he gave me an exemplary title, which one of my classmate friends doesnt like... From der my problems begin... The more a teacher praises me the more jealous he started to become and at the end it grew into a cold war .

I was aware of that and i was ready to face any kind of small problems which he will create bt i didnt expect him to create a huge problem which paralyzed me mentally for about two weeks.
It took time form me to come from that great upset.. No one was der to help me in that situation except my friend of all times, Mr. Vineet Nahata, who supported me mentally in that tough situation where even my parents left me alone.. It was his psychological classes late nights which helped me to overcome from such a situation... That classes really helped me and now I think i can face any huge problems which comes my way.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

It was a rainy season when i came to this college with lot of dreams and pictures in mind seen of various movies about college life.. But i knew that 'reel life is different from real life'. The main difference being in reel life happy things happen the most than sad and vice versa in real.

This is the place from where i studied a lot and i think this place has moulded me into a bolder person than before.. Here relationship is made over money and money is the king.. it is normal that girls walk behind rich guys but here i see even friendship between gents r made on money.

To live in this 'heavenly place' u need to be selfish a lot.. here people rely on helpful persons a lot just to complete their works and after that they r ditched like a stranger... I used to regret on these things before whenever i used to get ditched.. Bt now may be bcoz of my experience, no regrets... It is difficult to find a good and truthful friend over here. everyone wants to finish off their task and leave home...It took me a year to know all this (Bt even after knowing everything i still help others as a fool)..

to be continued.......
'Black caps stun South Africa; South Africa choke again' .. These are the headlines of todays newspapers and all cricketing sites..

Good morning guys... Another pleasant day is here.. Got up at 9.00 today and as i was too hungry went to the mess to have something eatable... i kept on walking to the mess dreaming delicious foods... bt my dreams stayed as dreams as i saw bread over der... A hungry stomach accepts anything... So the poor wheat bread became my first prey of the day

Friday, 25 March 2011

Hi guys,

I think its time for me to do something like this... I have created an account over here long ago.. Bt i was not geared up to start posting.. I think now i am ready... So guys be ready to read something different which i will post here, mostly about my life and college days (which presently i am undergoing)...

Bye for today .... I ll be back tomorrow with my stories and day to day college life (including exams and assignments)